Superman Scribes Not Returning For Sequel

Writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have decided not to return to write the sequel to the 2006 Superman Returns film.

According to Variety, "industry chatter" (which is code for comic book blogger geeks) have said that Warner Brothers would start with new writers and write a film that completly ignores the past film - which was a remake (re-imagining, again) of the one done in 1978.

So are we going to get three movies that all show the birth of Superman? Maybe this can be a yearly thing that Warner Bros does. Every year they release a new version of the same story, written by a different writer, shot by a different director and staring a different Superman. That way they can milk the franchise for all its worth, without having to actually come up with anything new.

WB, of course denies this allegation, but we'll see what happens.

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