Speed Racer Game Underway

Not really surprised at this, but Games Revolution, a blog that touts itself as "Just another wordpress weblog" reports that Warner Bros interactive will be launching a "Speed Racer" game to coincide with the Wachowski's upcoming film with the same name next year:

Warner Bros. described the game as “car-fu style of action”. Samantha Ryan, Warner development and production senior VP commented: “Speed Racer is an exceptionally creative property and teamed with the Wachowski brothers’ vision it makes for action-packed racing gameplay. The game will capture the intensity of the racing in the film to give gamers and movie fans a chance to take the wheel after they experience the film.”

Someone needs to send Samantha a memo that you cant legally call them the Wachowski brothers anymore.

What the hell does "Car-fu style of action" mean?

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