Second Sweeney Todd Trailer Goes Online

Not too long ago, we showed you the first trailer for Sweeney Todd. My personal opinion was: "hmmm. Somethings not right." Of course, Depp/Burton fans jumped all over me telling me I was crazy. But several other movie sites appeared to have the same opinion. We all know its a musical, but to have Depp break out into song (not really song, so much as melodic talking) in the middle of the trailer didnt seem to fit right with the overall mood of the trailer.

Now that we are getting closer to the film's release (and to cash in on the hype around Halloween) here is a new trailer, sans music, and with a much darker feel to it.

Dont get me wrong: the film is going to be fantastic and its about time that someone did an adaptation of the Sondheim musical. Thank GOD it's Tim Burton.

And its probably a safe bet that we wont have to hear Danny Elfman's one trick pony music with it as well.


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