“Saw IV” is a Bloody Moral Powerhouse

Genres: Suspense/Horror and Sequel
Release Date: October 26th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture throughout, and for language.

Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman

JJ Review: B+

This is similar to all the other Saw movies with the moral justification killings except this one has the back story to John. Saw IV.

I so dislike horror movies because they just suck. I’m not one of those people that love how bad they are and enjoy them for that because no matter how bad I believe them to be no humor can be found in the badness. So I avoid them at all cost because of that….unless they present something different. Saw I, II, III & IV presented a different and interesting concept that piqued my movie loving brain. I have not been disappointed totally by any of them, though III was my least favorite because it didn’t seem to follow the total concept the previous two presented. It sort of wavered with the justification a bit and therefore lost my interest.

However, IV totally makes up for the lackluster III and it even makes III better. I would further explain that but it would ruin the entire movie. This ought to make those Saw fans excited. In short IV delivers so much of what the others have and haven’t that it deserved its big opening and millions more.

John’s (Tobin Bell) back story is an interesting addition to the Saw milk it for all it’s worth story. Bell is a perfect actor for the part for his voice fits the calmness that is needed and his slit eyes cause for freaky moments. He has good diction. The problem that I have with his character in Saw IV is that he cussed. I don’t remember in the other three if he did that. If he did then I’m mistaken on this…but if he didn’t this is something that bothers me. His cussing causes his characters odd integrity to be in jeopardy because it makes him, in a sense according to his own reasoning, immoral. When he started to swear I lost some respect for him as a character. They should have allowed that to be a flaw of his victims and not him. Oh and yeah that’s the guy from Gilmore Girls (Scott Patterson).

The other characters who are the ‘victims’ cuss readily and I find that to be funny. They swear up and down the wall at the situation and what is happening to them. They don’t see the wrong of their ways only their idea of how to justify it by swearing until they die. I think that swearing steals IQ points from people and this is true for in Silence of the Lambs Hannibal did not swear but those who were frustrated with him did and who was the smarter one? Exactly. So John swearing ruined how smart he was on the screen.

The story was very interesting as a whole. Once you see it you’ll realize that it was one smart movie. But while I sat there and watched it and even afterwards I believe it lacked. The entire concept is fantastic and beyond wowing for they put in much more effort than they had previously. But the way the story was told was not as awesome as the idea.

The transitions from one scene to the next were eye catching. The camera pans and the scene changes from one to another in a very creative manner and that made the movie an astounding sight. There is tons of blood that drenches each slaughtering of a victim so that is also something that is an eyeful as well as having the ability to make some squeamish. I laughed. That’s a whole ‘nuther story.

Saw IV was too angry. I don’t know how to explain this one clearly. It might be clearer to those that have seen all four. I just think that the other three were less angry and less mad. This one made John more pissed and it ruined the collective calm he had throughout the other three even before he died in the third one. This one lacked that John Calm and it made him more like everyone else he was judging.

What about the deaths? Oh…well those...those are very, very, very creative. Okay maybe not so many verys but the first death scene is interesting and has to be one of the best ones they’ve done. Also the one where the couple is hanging is creative and morally interesting. These will not disappoint the Saw fans.

Saw IV has what all Saw movies have and that is a twist of an ending. It might confuse some but I believe the ending to IV made me love III more and made me feel that my time was not wasted and that, I have to say, is a yes moment. The music is a marriage made in hell where the endings are concerned. They will probably make another Saw and if they continue to deliver I don’t see why not continue milking it for all it’s worth?

Saw IV is not a movie I’ll buy. I enjoyed the other three but do not own the other three. This one was good and well worth it just not something I want to see over and over again. Saw IV is oddly moral in a graphic and distorted manner that will most likely bring bloody joy to those who find horrific trauma sans good story entertaining. So if you love blood and more blood and more blood then you’ll love Saw IV. If you love the moral tale of how the first two Saw movies were then you’ll enjoy the moral tale IV has to offer. As a whole Saw IV is a good addition to the other three for all of them combined are a bloody moral powerhouse.

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