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"I love Michael Bay and his films. Yes, his filmmaking and editing techniques exemplify everything that's wrong with cinema today, but he does it so damn well and with panache."

-Alex Regnery
Columnist for the University of Texas's "Daily Texan"

Sorry, Alex but I can't really agree with you on this. Michael Bay is one of the worst hack directors in Hollywood. He's an overly-stylized, ham-fisted, one trick pony. And here's the reason why.

Bay is born of the big-budget big-explosion, larger-than-everything style of filmmaking. That's all he knows and as a result, every one of his films is filled to the brim with cliches. This USC Film School reject's work is like a formula- one race car versus a shopping cart with a shuttle rocket engine; A scalpel versus a chainsaw; a painting by Seurat and a painting by crazy redneck uncle Jed using an old ww2 cannon filled with 10 gallons of paint.

Scriptwise, Bay's work is devoid of any dimension (other than 3D, of course). His characters are predictable, vapid and usually exist solely to bring the plot to the next sequence of explosions. His stories are shallow, completely devoid of substance and include over-the-top cliche-ridden action sequences just for the sake of action sequences. And those sequences are so far removed from anything remotely believable that suspension of disbelief is thrown right out the window (where it explodes into a huge fireball the size of a building, showering the horrified and screaming passers-by below with flame and debris that blasts over, around and through the THX sound system at 110 decibels).

Are you getting the picture yet?

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Smith said...

Yea, I agree...Michael Bay has wonderful films!

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