Poe's "Tell Tale Heart" Becomes a Movie

Did you read Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-tale Heart" when you were in school?

Of course you didn't. Most Americans, especially Generation Y people - are lucky they can even communicate beyond grunts at this point. We are a Dick and Jane society and not much more.

But rest easy, kids. According to First Showing.net, Tony and Ridley Scott are going to be putting all those big words into a movie so even the uneducated slob who used to beat you up in Phys Ed can understand it:

Tell-Tale is described as "a psychological thriller that sets Poe's haunting tale against the backdrop of modern science" with a tone that is a cross between Jacob's Ladder and Marathon Man. The budget is only $20 million and it will begin shooting in early 2008. Casting is currently underway.

With a budget as small (in unrealistic Hollywood dollars) as $20 million, the Scotts are going to have to work very hard to make this a successful film. And if its successful, you can expect someone at another studio to attempt another Poe masterpiece to ride the coattails. Maybe a biopic on the poet himself. Or maybe a CGI raven. Anything's possible.

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