Pic of Jet Li From The Mummy 3

Here's a pic of Jet Li from the filming of The Mummy 3 in China.

Director Rob Cohen provides the commentary:

Just a quick one, family, to give you the first look at Jet Li as the Emperor riding into battle about to re-take command of 5000 terracotta mummies. The sword fight between Jet and Michelle Yeoh that I have been shooting for two days is nothing less than poetry. Such great stars of World Cinema, mano a mano against the desert mountainscape as the whole battle roars behind them. This a landmark day for me and my film.

OK, I don't want to bad mouth Jet Li or anything...

Actually yeah I do.

I know a thing or two about equitation (the ability to ride a horse without looking like a doofus) and from what I can tell from this shot, it looks like this fearless leader hasn't ever ridden a horse in his life. Whats with the flapping arm? Is he trying to fly? Is he trying to stop the horse or is he just yanking back on the reins because hes afraid of falling on his well-armored ass? Shoulders cockeyed... legs too far forward...you call this a leader? I see this as the janitor of the army rushing to clean out a latrine.

Yes I know Jet Li could kick my ass. He still cant ride a horse.


Anonymous said...

lmao , hey if you can tell he's rider from the still phot , can you tell me how well he dances? You really have nothing else to do most day s do you?

The Judge said...

I hear he does a mean Charlston.

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