Perez Hilton Sued...Again

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Perez!

Last November, celebrity stalker site X-17 sued him for copyright infringement. Perez was using their paparazzi photos without their permission, which - despite marking them up with all of his infantile scribblings - is a no-no.

Then we reported back in February about how Perez was being sued by Universal Pictures for copyright infringement because he posted an un-cropped picture of Jeniffer Aniston's naked naughty bits from the movie "The Breakup."

Then we reported in June that Perez, whose real name is Mario Lavanderia (I would have changed my name too if it was "laundromat") was kicked to the curb by his internet provider for all of the pending copyright infringement lawsuits.

And now the self-proclaimed "Queen of all media" is being sued by Britney Spear's music label Zonba for guessed it: copyright infringement. This time he/she/it's been illegally posting recordings of Britney's upcoming album. Fearing that they probably wont make enough in profits off the album to buy gas for their Hummers, Zomba want to take a piece of Perez' corpulent hiney as payment.

This guy never learns!

We've attempted to contact the pink wonder himself about all of this, but at the time of this posting has so far not returned our emails.

As always, stay tuned as we closely watch the goings-on of a wanna-be celebrity hanger-on and all-around ass-kisser as he continues to dig himself deeper and deeper into a legal grave.

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