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A few days ago I got an email from "Quentin Tarantula" (great name, BTW) who is apparently the grand pooba over at What it looks like is that Eyje is a new twist on social bookmarking. They call themselves "the ultimate comment search engine."

Alright, any site that calls themselves "the ultimate (anything)" leaves itself wide open for harsh criticisms from folks who love to argue such silly points. Still, it got my attention, so I checked it out.

Here's how they describe themselves:

Think of an instrument that easily brings up a worldwide list of opinions on different criteria. Say, "Nicolas Sarkozy," "Brad Pitt," "Atheism" or something else, and get the categorized comments about it. Or, you can select a choice in the categorization tab, that only dispays homogenious results at a time, like comments by country, age, gender, and etc. Similarly, you can also see only the direction of the comments as positive, negative or the balanced comments about a topic.

Briefly, you can analyse the mainstream of the tendencies of comments on a country base and easily examine the international mindset of people. For example, a German, before visiting Moscow, can browse the comments of other Germans� before booking their flights. Or a band can catch on the reflections of its new launched album on by categorizing the comments by countries. Similarly, one can observe the attitude of the Middle Eastern citizen�s approach towards Europe, just like the Far Eastern�s on America.

So the atribute of the comments is also getting as much valuable as its diversity. This is why only welcomes the authors by invitation. The point here is to create a rich and "moderate" friendly environment rather than creating an elite order.

Meanwhile, it is also a social network where the authors can connect with each other about the topics and their comments. The authors can personalize their profiles, add thir own avatars, create their friend lists and send messages to other authors. The igniting factor that fosters the communication between the authors is the diversity of

OK, its all a rather lofty idea, but it has potential to be pretty worthwhile, and I like the fact that its by invitation only, which will hopefully keep the ass-clowns and trolls out.

I'm going to be digging around the site a little more, but so far I like what they are trying to accomplish.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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