New Nip/Tuck Season Begins

Christian and Sean pool all of their money and move their entire operation to Los Angeles. Yet another plastic surgeon in LA. As Christian points out, "its like trying to sell semen in a whorehouse."

And such is the set-up for the fifth season of the series as it gets underway in La La Land.

I liked the episode and have been a fan of the show since the season one premiere. Part of that interest in the show is watching the two characters - polar opposites in the social scale - work their way through liposuction, face lifts, tummy tucks and all sorts of barbaric skin stretching and modifications in a world full of broken and vain people.

The other reason I watch is just to see how much the producers will try to get away with without someone at F/X asking a senior exec, "Can we really do that?"

This episode was star-studded, with Oliver Platt playing a swishy executive producer, and Jennifer Coolidge playing yet-another brain dead comic relief character as we re-visit the "pussy lips" storyline for the cheesy plastic surgeon television show Christian and Sean find themselves consulting for. It was also amusing to see an aging Tia Carrere play an over-the-top dominatrix. (Not that she, or the producers have one clue how a real dominatrix works, but hey, its TV and things are rarely accurate). And of course Lauren Hutton, looking like sun-dried leather playing the jaded stereotypical Hollywood agent.

I really figured last season would be the final one for this show. It seemed like they did a good job of wrapping up loose ends and bringing the series to a finale. Then they came out with season five.

Can this new season bring some life back into the controversial series? We'll see.

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