Naomi Watts to Star in Birds Remake

When I first read that, I was secretly hoping that this would be a movie about the 1960's UK band by the same name.

No dice. They are really remaking Hitchcock's movie. Sort of.

In an IGN interview back in June, producer Brad Fuller tries to explain things a little better:

"We're not remaking Hitchcock's movie. That movie stands on its own and it is a wonderful piece of filmmaking. It's a very difficult thing to say, 'We're remaking a Hitchcock film,'" Fuller said. "What was interesting to us was that the short story [by Daphne Du Maurier] the Hitchcock film was based on was chock full of stuff that Hitchcock didn't use in his film. And so we went to those things and that's the basis of our film. It's the same title because it's based on the same short story but we don't have characters like what they have. The concept of birds, certainly, that's the core of the movie but the situations and the plot come from the short story not from the Hitchcock film."
OK, so they are making a movie that we all know was immortalized by the Master. But instead they are going to use the parts that Hitchcock didnt use. All those parts of the story that he decided would detract from scaring the crap out of people for generations. So they are not making a Hitchcock movie, but instead making a movie based off of Hitchcock's table scraps.


But this is old news. They announced that this movie was in the works several months ago. What is news NOW is the fact that Naomi Watts is confirmed to be staring in the role that was originally played by Tipi Hendron. Yea.

Now, for those of you that are fans of the original:

On Tuesday Oct 25th, the undisputed greatest theater chain in the history of film -the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - is going to be holding an "Avian Feast."

In addition to showing the film on the big screen, patrons will dine on a five course meal of various birds, including Duck carpaccio, Seared Ostrich, and a rarely attempted variation of the infamous "turducken" they call "Emuquaipartsantgoo" which includes emu andouille, quail, partridge, pheasant and goose; each stuffed inside the other with cranberry port reduction. All this and a huge selection of micro brews while you sit and watch Hitchcock's masterpiece of horror. WOW!

I absolutely love the Alamo. They are the single greatest contribution to modern cinema since the talkie. Check out their website for the full menu and details on this event.

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A.D. said...

I'm going to The Birds Feast for my anniversary. Each course is paired with wine. I have been to their Food & Film events before (most notably the "Harold & Maude" feast for Valentine's).

I have to say The Alamo Drafthouse has never failed to deliver on any of their signature events. I won't go to any other movie theatres anymore. Why pay more for tickets and gross food?

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