Music Industry Wins Piracy Case

Boys and girls, downloading music without paying for it is bad.

Just look at poor Jammie Thomas, who had a jury find her of infringing on the rights of the music industry to overcharge for shitty music, screwing consumer and artist alike.

Her big sin was not so much that she downloaded the songs off of Kazaa, but that she actually shared them with other people.

How many songs did this nefarious ner-do-well share? Two dozen.


And for that, she was fined $222,000.00. That's $9,250 for each song.

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive of the British Phonographic Industry said: "This important court ruling serves as a strong reminder to illegal firesharers that digital shoplifting is against the law, is not anonymous and can lead to serious legal consequences."

So remember kids,
Say nope to dope,
ugh to drugs
and dont use Kazaa to download your music.


Greg said...

I feel bad for her, 'cause i have, ahem, friends that would be sued for millions of dollars if they were caught sharing all of their music, but yeah, i second the not use Kazaa, lol.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a lot of "friends" that have thousands of songs as well. In fact, I dont know anyone that doesnt have a hard drive full of music that they pulled from various places.

Apparently the music industry thinks you should spend thousands of dollars for the right to listen to the music.

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