“Michael Clayton” Oscar Chance?

Genres: Drama and Thriller
Running Time:
2 hrs.
Release Date:
October 5th, 2007 (limited); October 12th (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for language including some sexual dialogue.
Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Tony Gilroy

JJ Rating: A-

A legal company is to merge with a law firm. The legal company is working on a lawsuit that they are trying to shake off. It’s about people who are getting cancer because of pesticides use in their farm area. They are stating it’s not so and the cancer victims are saying uh yeah it is. Arthur (Tom Wilkinson) is helping the legal company with their case when he decides that what he is doing is wrong and what the company has done is wrong and so he decides to help the other side. It is sad to state that he has a mental illness that allows people to justify his crazy actions while at the same time ignoring the words he’s stating. Michael Clayton (George Clooney) happens to pay attention. Michael Clayton.

I saw the trailer for this movie and knew it was just going to be all about the drama and some about the thrill. I knew that it would mostly be dramatic. I knew what I thought about dramas without some sort of excitement outside of the mental thrills. I don’t particularly like them. That is how I view most of them but this one.

Michael Clayton is two hours long and I did not notice at all. That says a lot for a movie that is weighing all of its hope in success on the actors and then on the story. Well the actors pulled off a homerun. Tom Wilkinson does an outstanding job as the crazy one. But the two that totally blew me away were George Clooney and Tilda Swinton (who played Karen). Their last scene together was just chillingly good. I can just hear them being nominated for Oscars. It was so what acting is all about. It’s about taking all kinds of emotions and feelings and putting them into actions instead of words that just describe. It’s just astonishing to see that explode on the screen. I was very, very impressed.

Michael Clayton has a good story. It was evenly paced. There were no uncomfortable moments of silence. There is a scene where Clooney is staring and it is just relaxing as I believe they wanted it to be. It felt as if they wanted it to be a moment of clam. It worked. It was very well put together. I’m glad I took the chance. I’m glad they had the picture of the last scene so I can post it next to my review.

It made me think. It made me wonder. It made me realize that people are vicious more so just to get ahead in life, just to hide the evils they’ve done. It’s scary. It’s scary and I feel like how Michael Clayton felt at the end of the movie. I’d so do what he did. Clear the head and move on.

The major problem I had was that I had the VIEW of old women sit behind me yapping about what was going on the screen. They must have been deaf for that is the only reason I should have been able to hear any of their stupid voices over the film I was watching. If they were that lost they should have watched a simple movie like The Game Plan.

Oddly I believe I want to buy Michael Clayton. It would be the first movie that I would have that the primary focus is on what is said and how it’s said than anything else. As I said these types of movies don’t really interest me but this one struck an interesting and creative bone in my body. Michael Clayton is powerful and it’ll make you think if you are up for thinking and not talking.

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