Michael Bay Soon to Butcher Jason Voorhees

Source: Hollywood Reporter via Yahoo! news

Michael Bay may be riding high on the recent wave of popularity thanks to the Transformers, but he's about to drop back into his usual role of stinking up movies like he did with Pearl Harbor. And he's doing in on the balmy and bloody shores of Camp Crystal Lake.

Yup, Michael Bay is going to remake "Friday the 13th."

In the original "Friday the 13th," the serial killer made only a brief appearance in the final frames and never killed anyone. Jason didn't even don the famous mask until the third movie. The remake, however, will focus on Jason -- who will wear the mask and kill -- and keep the famous setting of Crystal Lake.

Remakes are the de rigueur of Hollywood. Apparently it seems to be the only way that studios know how to make money anymore. The formula and premise are the same: Take something that worked in the past, attach a popular producer or director, throw in some notable actors and attempt to wring out a few more bucks from the nostalgia like a damp dish rag. Some call this a way to continue with an already profitable franchise. Some use fancy double-talk like "re-invisioning a proven moneymaker" I call it pandering to an ignorant, lowest-common-denominator audience by relying on their distant, shady recollection that they enjoyed the original movie.

If it worked once, it will work again, with more bells and whistles and CGI and sex and modern marketing tactics.

Do we REALLY need a remake of this? The answer is no. Is that going to stop New Line from pimping Bay because he's the cock of the walk right now? Of course not. According to the article, the script is being written by the guys that did the winner "Freddy vs Jason." So yeah. Expect this one to be just as lame.

As the old saying goes, "you're only as good as your last project" and this one will undoubtedly knock Bay off of his ivory tower and back into the world of average filmmakers.

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