Maher Bounces Loudmouthed Heckler

Bill Maher is no stranger to controversy. His opinions about 9/11 have gotten under the skin of lots of conspiracy theorists (or "Truthers" as they like to be known) who think Maher is way off base and not entitled to his own opinion on his own TV show.

Friday night one of the "Truthers" decided that yelling incoherent blather from the audience during the live taping of his "Real Time With Bill Maher" would be a better way to discuss the issue.

An agitated Maher then helped security escort the fellow out of the building. But by then, the damage was done and the seal broken. Soon after other people started shouting out their equally incoherent comments while the Maher struggled to get the show back on track.

"This isn't the Iowa Caucus, OK, we're not here to debate," Maher shouted back. "You are in the audience. Audience comes from the Latin "to listen." (note: he is etymologically correct)

And I have to say kudos to Maher for having the balls to stand up and actually confront the hecklers. Most TV people would just hide in the relative security of their set and let the stage security do their thing. Its refreshing to see Maher actualy go out into the audience and do something about it.

"This is the problem with live television," He said.

Here's the clip, thanks to YouTube:

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