Mad Max is Back?

Mad Max 4 is back on track. - says they are starting up pre-production of the fourth sequal and the production offices opened up just this past week in Sydney. However, Alex over at says don't hold your breath:

Considering that you really can't trust anything that comes from, for now we're going to consider this just a rumor. Mad Max 4:
Fury Road is based on a script from British comic book artist/writer Brendan
McCarthy. Unfortunately Mel Gibson won't be back, but hopefully that will allow
for a newer, fresher face to fulfill the role of Mad Max Rockatansky. Maybe
someone like Paul Walker or Mike Vogel, or how about shaking things up - Rosario

So Mel wont be back and (according to Moviehole) Geroge Miller will be directing the film at the same time he is directing "Justice League?

I tend to agree with my snarky Firstshowing collegue. We'll see what happens.

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