“The Kingdom” Does Indeed Rule

Genres: Drama and Thriller
Running Time:
1 hr 50 min
Release Date:
September 28th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for intense sequences of graphic brutal violence, and for language.
Universal Pictures Distribution

Director: Peter Berg

JJ Rating: A+

In Saudi Arabia a bomb explodes inside a Western Compound. Special Agents of the F.B.I. are flown in to figure out what happened and by whom. They work together with the Saudi Colonel and his team to answer the question and to work through the problem of tension that rises because of the difference in country. The Kingdom.

During the opening credits there is a brief history lesson. I really liked the visuals on that as well as the information it provided. I thought it was an awesome use of time and it was informative. I enjoy it when the opening credits are used for more than just reading the names of those who were part of the creation of the movie.

There is not a single thing I can mention that I disliked about the movie. I do have favorite moment in the movie. It is when they are up on the roof and they were talking about going to the Prince’s palace that night. It’s a funny scene. It was one of the few in The Kingdom. I also enjoyed the scenes with the son. Jamie Foxx’s character goes and sees his friend’s son and it’s a touching moment as it is when the scene is repeated in a different manner towards the end.

The Kingdom is one of my favorites for the year. It deals with differences in people of the Western and Eastern worlds. It deals with them without pointing a finger at anyone to blame. It’s not a movie that is filled with the propaganda of the writer or the director. It gives an objective view of tension that should not be.

I believe the writing is fantastic and the direction is awesome. I think Peter Berg does a great job in directing. I really enjoyed Jamie Foxx, Ashraf Barhoum, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman and Jeremy Piven’s acting. They all did great. I think that Foxx and Barhoum worked well together and the believability of them developing a friendship was high.

They stated that the last 30 minutes was edge of your seat viewing and I’m going to have to agree. I was on the edge of my seat with excitement. I watched intently and gasped as it came to an end. The Kingdom created characters that I cared about quickly and kept me caring the entire time and that is why the last 30 minutes were nail biting to an extent. I cared to find out what was going to happen and wondered if things were going to be alright.

The Kingdom is a movie that I plan on owning when it is up for grabs. I think that people who are into being objective and not forced into thinking what is right and wrong will like this movie. I like not being forced to be for or be against a war or the idea itself. I like being able to be told something and decide for myself. This is why I love The Kingdom because it is film royalty. It told a story and allows the viewer to decide what to feel.

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