Keira Knightley "Sweaty and Uncomfortable" Sex Scene

Interestingly enough, this is the second story we've run involving the sex scenes between Keira Knightley and James McAvoy in the new film "Atonement." The first was our news about how director Joe Wright forgot where he was and started shouting out his own porno-driven directions, much to the shock of the cast and crew standing around. Now, there is McAvoy's comments about the apparent gross factor of sex with Keira Knightly:

OK, I will give McAvoy credit on this. A love scene shot for a film is HUGELY different than a love scene in real life. There are not too many instances where you are about to get it on and you look up to see a crew full of union guys standing around. (OK, it happens sometimes at my place, but thats another story.)

I remember hearing a story about a love scene with George C Scott where as he got into bed with the actress before filming he said "Madame, I apologize if I get an erection and I apologize if I don't."

Still it does seem strange that there is such attention being brought to the love scenes for this movie. Are they that lurid, or is this just a cheap tactic to get people to watch an otherwise drab and boring film?

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