“The Heartbreak Kid” Needed a Heart

Genres: Comedy and Remake
Running Time: 1 hr. 56 min.
Release Date:
October 5th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for strong sexual content, crude humor and language.
Paramount Pictures

Directed by: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly

JJ Rating: B-

A man dates but can’t commit. He finally does and finds out the woman is not who he thought she was. He has second thoughts especially after he met another woman on his honeymoon. The Heartbreak Kid.

I am disappointed. I expected to laugh and feel as if there was a heartwarming ending or something to that affect. That is not what I felt. I laughed really hard at some parts but not enough for me to ever want to see this movie again. There are several characters that just don’t get their just desserts. They just don’t and therefore the movie falls flat as a total who cares thing. The twins in the movie really needed a good punch in the face or something like that. They just needed to be blasted. Then the cousin needed a good whack in the face. I mean he thought he knew that Ben Stiller was bad and when everything comes out, as you know it would, he thought he was right and he wasn’t. It’s stupid.

The one part that was so funny that I don't think was meant to be this funny was that Stiller's character crossing the Mexico-American border. It made it appear difficult. I laughed oh so hard at that...I think they meant it to be funny but for the bad things that were occurring to him not that the difficulty they were presenting was totally false.

Yes it’s a remake and I did not see the original and I don’t even care to want to. I like the idea but the execution of the entire thing was just flat out bleh. It’s something that should have been well thought out. Gross to be gross or rude to be rude without a humorous way of going about it doesn’t make the movie worthy. That’s what happened here. The Farrelly brothers are funny and can be but The Heartbreak Kid is a heartbreaker as in it breaks movie goers hearts…like mine. I expected lots of great things from it and what I got was a bunch of bland dialog and story that really just went too far without a point.

I don’t really want to ever see this movie again and the parts that were funny are not worth ever seeing again either. The Heartbreak Kid just shouldn’t have been made and there’s nothing in it that has not been done before by another movie which did them better.

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