“Gone Baby Gone” Hurts the Heart and the Moral Mind

Genres: Drama, Crime/Gangster and Adaptation
Running Time:
1 hr. 55 min.
Release Date:
October 19th, 2007 (limited)
MPAA Rating: R for violence, drug content and pervasive language.
Distributors: Miramax Films

Directed by: Ben Affleck

JJ Rating: B+

Two private detectives are hired to look into an odd disappearance of a child. Things become deadly as more information is presented and when all the cards are shown hearts are torn to shreds. Gone Baby Gone.

I had a choice to see Gone Baby Gone, Things We Lost in the Fire or Rendition. OR I could have seen them all. I was not going to go and see 30 Days of Night because horror movies are horrible 99% of the time. After seeing Gone Baby Gone I was sad and depressed that humans are so vile and decided against seeing another depressing movie so I did not see another. I bought 13 movies at Hollywood Video for about 40 cents a piece and watched the funny ones to heal from the damage of this movie.

A fair warning would be if you really hate to see kids in bad positions there is one scene in this movie that will scar you mentally. They take great care not showing everything they could have in this scene but your brain takes care of what you don’t see and it will fill in the blanks. It will hurt your heart and make you question how someone could do something like that and even justify death of such a person without the need for rehabilitating them through the pitiful system of imprisonment where they’ll just get out in a matter of years or even months.

I decided to see this movie because I really like Casey Affleck and it did not hurt that Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman were in it. Actually Morgan Freeman owed me a better movie so it was good that he was in this one. Feast of Love made me question his movie picking skills. The subject matter did not, at the time, even matter to me. Casey is just a cool actor and everything I’ve seen him in he’s done a really great job. His characters alter drastically from movie to movie and it keeps him from being typecast as someone who is the goody-goody or the evil baddy.

Morgan Freeman does a great job as well. He seems to always do a great job just this time it was in a better story than last time. Ed Harris did a great job too though his facial hair made him more menacing then I think was necessary. I think he looked fine with it just that it gave him a darker look than what his part really meant for him to have…which adds to the interesting shade of gray this movie paints.

Gone Baby Gone has torn me up. I think that Ben Affleck did a great job directing. I think the story is vilely fantastic. I hate to state that it’s good because of the story it tells but he brought out the acting that needed to carry the movie. The ending was not something I agreed with but because of how people acted in the movie I understand why the characters went the way they did without thinking that it was out of character.

The little girl’s mother is a drug addict. Her brother and his wife are more interested in finding the girl because they are the ones that decide to hire the private detectives to aid the police. Addicts suck and people who advocate drugs use suck. When an addict cries one should not be pulled into their world and think that they honestly want to change until actions dictate that to be true. Crying is not an indication of truth or care when someone is an addict. Just remember that.

The film is located in Boston and Boston has a potty mouth….man. I mean they just swear to swear and it’s brain cell killing. Based on the films I’ve seen Boston is a murderous cop’s can be bought out kind of place. I think that a positive movie about Boston should come out or they should quit basing stories in Boston and allow it to not be a focal point of retched humans.

I don’t discuss endings because that’s just mean. Though this is what I have to say about the ending to Gone Baby Gone: It is the most conflicted ending I’ve ever seen. What I mean is that the character does something that conflicts with what he had done previously. It adds an element of interesting to the whole idea of what endings are supposed to be like. I have this thing about people being overly conflicting and I just wish that a character brought it up to him so that he could explain why he did what he did. I would have liked the movie more if that occurred.

Gone Baby Gone is a line that is in the movie that is said by a not so great human by the name of Cheese. It also echoes through the entire movie in minor ways that can only be totally realized by the end of the movie. I think that the movie has heart twisting acting in it by everyone involved and for that it’s worth seeing. The story hurts the heart and really racks the brain in so many ways that I am not so sure I’d buy it. If you have kids and they are young around the age of 2 then I think you should stay away from this movie. I gave it such a good grade because they did such a mind blowing job that I could not take away from them even though it hurts thinking about what transpired. Gone Baby Gone dug a hole in my heart because children---all children---deserve more than a parent who cares more about where to get more blow.

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