"Fair and Balanced" My Ass

Why is FOX different from other news sources?

" Fox is different from other news sources in that is that it is not a news
source. Fox is a propaganda channel created to mislead or scare its viewers into
supporting the Republican party and hate Democrats or progressives. A Republican
propaganda channel that claims to be a news source, shows little regard for
accuracy or journalistic integrity, all while denying that it has any bias
definitely makes Fox different. As someone more clever than I once said, Fox
isn’t where people go to get the news — it’s where they go to find out what to
think about the news."

Media Circus has the article and it's a very enlightening read.

Still, in light of Bush's approval rating plummeting, the economy spirialing out of control, the housing market disintegrating, the price of oil skyrocketing, and the majority of America screaming mad about an unjust, quagmire of a war, FOX still finds something to make the Bush adminstration look good on a daily basis.

Its not easy being a propeganda machine for an adminstration so incredibly pathetic.

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