David Dobkin Does The Flash

Firstshowing.net has the news that "Wedding Crashers" director David Dobkin has officially been tapped to be the director for the new Warner Brothers comic book to commercial money making adaptation of "The Flash."

And with that thought in mind:

Dear Hollywood,

Please stop making adaptations of comic books. Enough is enough. Seriously.

At last count, this year alone, I believe there are about 12,000 films in production that are adaptations of graphic novels, including a few that are adaptations of the
same film that we saw only a few years ago. (Like Batman, Superman, The Hulk...) OK, that number may not be TOTALLY accurate, but its a fairly close aproximation.

Congratulations. You have successfully overplayed a niche market thouroughly into the ground.

Find something else to plagorize. Please.


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