Danny Bonaduce Bounces Johnny Fairplay

15 minute wonder "Johnny Fairplay" - whom you may vaguely remember as the weasel who lied about his grandmother dying to get him closer to winning the million dollar prize on Survivor: Pearl Islands - had an interesting encounter with our man Danny Bonaduce at the Fox Reality Channel "Realy Awards."

We're not going to talk about the insanity of the fact that there is an awards show for reality TV. Instead, lets just discuss what happened. (courtesy of the Johnny's Wikipedia entry):

Fairplay was on stage after the end of the Awards show and being loudly booed by the audience. Bonaduce walked on stage and told Fairplay the audience reaction was "because they hate you", and then walked off stage without another word. Fairplay then yelled 'Hey Danny', and ran at Bonaduce, leaping on Bonaduce's chest and into his arms and started lightly thrusting his pelvic region against Bonaduce. Fairplay maintains that this action is part of his act, his schtick, and Bonaduce stated he felt it was an assault and was especially uncomfortable with Fairplay's hands near his throat. Bonaduce adjusted his balance and grip, then proceeded to hoist Fairplay over his shoulder. Fairplay hit the stage face first, lost a tooth shattered in eight places, moved three more within his mouth, damaged the supporting bone, and broke a toe during the fall.

Fairplay is also alleged to have had an altercation with the paramedics who tried to help him, leading some media analysts to speculate he may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Here's the clip:

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