CSI: Second Life?

It is official: "CSI: fill in the gap" has officially lost all credibility and jumped the shark.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, in a keynote speech at the "Virtual World's Conference and Expo" (in other words, an online geeks convention and subsequent attempt at legitimacy) mentioned that the future of television is in the online world.

Check this:

"Zuiker appears more than willing to be a pioneer in bringing
Hollywood to virtual worlds, announcing that a two-part "CSI: NY" -- the
first installment airing Oct. 24 and the second Feb. 6 -- will have Gary
Sinise'scharacter go into Second Life to chase a killer's avatar."

I've been on Second Life. I've flown around the various ways to spend real world money on vitural clothing to dress up your little avatar. I've been to lots of interesting and seedy places in there (the virtual dungeons and orgy rooms are rather fun) and I have seen first hand the level of depravity of lonely and horny aging men pretending to be buxom 20-something porn starlets just so they can watch their digital misrepresentations bump uglies with other horny 20 something men pretending to be muscle-built Brad Pitt types.

Overall I think Second Life is a rather fun place to visit if one is really bored, but I certainly don't see much need for a television show that will be nothing more than a 2 part advertisement for the crudly-interfaced, lag-filled, terribly-rendered virtual world that everyone seems to be pining about.

Of course, I could be wrong and Anthony Zuiker's vision of a virtual Manhattan complete with dead bodies and teams of forensic experts running around trying to solve cases may be the wave of the future.

But I seriously doubt it.

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