A Childs Play Remake?

Hey look! Its yet another remake of a film less than 20 years old. This time its "Child's Play." Oh goodie.

Oh, but wait! This is going to be different. This is a remake of the first one. Written by the same guy that wrote all five of the other CP films. A "re-imagining" if you will. As if they couldn't get it right the first time so they are doing it again. How un-imaginative is that?

OK, the whole Chucky story line is silly and stupid and the last three films were downright terrible, but according to Alex Billington over at FirstShowing.net, this could be really good:

There is no director attached yet, as they're still working on the story, but some interesting discussion arose around what director might be chosen for this. [Producer David] Kirschner went on to explain that it would be very close to the original script, with some twists that the audience won't see coming. Sound like it could possibly be good yet?

Sorry, no. I don't see it. They are not even re-writing the first script, just re-shooting it with some different stuff added in? Even if you got Spielberg to direct it, you cant polish a turd. Well you could, but it would be messy and would just leave you with a shiny piece of shit.

Hell, if you figured out a way to resurrect Hitchcock and had him just direct, the movie would still be crap.

Although... a movie about resurrecting a zombie Alfred Hitchcock who is forced to direct bad horror movies might be a cool premise. Better copyright that idea so I can sell it to the studios for a gajillion dollars.

In the publishing world, if JK Rowling published a Harry Potter book that was just a re-hash of the first book, people would be steaming mad. But "re-imagine" a movie and all the fanboys jump for joy. I dont get it.

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