Cavemen is Doomed to Extinction

Because of a glitch with my Tivo last week (I forgot to program it) I missed the series premiere of ABC's "Cavemen" so I made sure that this week I would record it and give my honest opinion of the new show.

It sucks.

The show is supposed to be about the lives of four cavemen as they face racial stereotypes in a modern world. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which racial stereotypes they are parodying and the whole show revolves around how these Neanderthals face their issues in a given day.

This weeks episode has one of the lazier of the four get a job at a Swedish flat-pack furniture store. He's not a big fan of actual work, so he goes about setting up house in one of the office demos with the idea that it shows people how the furniture will look while its actually being used. Needless to say, he gets fired and then files a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company.

And stereotypical hilarity ensues.

Actually not. I made it a point to be aware of when I thought scenes were funny and what my reaction was. There wasn't one point in the 22 minute torturous satire where I even felt bemused by the "jokes" they were using. Not once did I even muster an imperceptible guffaw or chuckle. Not once did I crack a smile at the lame, hairy characters parading around through the minefield of a script. The show was predictable from start to finish and left me wanting the 22 minutes of my life back.

I even made it a point to watch the commercials just so that I could glean SOMETHING funny from this steaming pile.

And to make matters worse, last night's episode concludes with the characters acting out the stereotypes they so despise just to scare off some new tenant that one of the characters has been flirting with. Thus negating the whole premise of their social obstacles.

There is not one single redeeming quality about this sit-com that is worth watching. Insipid, contrived characters, a predictable storyline and literally no laughs leads me to surmise that if the overnight ratings are what we expect, the show will be off the air by the end of October. If I could come up with other words to describe how truly stomach-wretchingly bad this show is, I would. But I will just say that it is pointless, stupid, and unfunny. I was actually embarrassed to be watching it.

The overnight Neilsen numbers show that ABC's clunky "comedy" had just 7 million viewers and earned a 2.5/8 share in the 8pm slot, down over 2 million viewers from it’s debut last week.

If that doesn't ring the death knell for this ridiculous show, I don't know what will.

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