Bonaduce The Crazed Attacker

How's this for a spin on things:

PR mentions that Danny was named in a felony battery report - which was filed Wednesday by the dentally-impaired, self-proclaimed most-hated man in reality TV and all around idiot Johnny Fairplay.

Here's the best part of the article:
The Partridge Family star stunned the audience at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on Tuesday night (02Oct07) when he jumped up onstage and attacked Survivor star Jonny Fairplay.
Now perhaps the folks at PR Inside hadn't yet seen the video clip of the incident. You know, the one we posted just a few hours ago that shows the whole incident.

In Danny's nationally-syndicated radio show the next morning, he described what happened:

I am off the first step of the stage. I heard him yell, I turn around, literally 10 feet away, and he's running at me at full speed.

"He leaps into the air and straddles me—his legs are above my waist. He's now got me in the death grip, jerking me back and forth trying to throw me to the ground...I just grabbed the butt of his jeans and pushed straight up into the air. And apparently he landed behind me on his teeth.

"I didn't know he'd be so light."

Fairplay is supposed to have some wrestling experience, but I don't remember a wrestling move where you fall off of someone's head and stop your fall to the floor with your face. Danny just lifted Fairplay off of his chest. Gravity and Johnny's complete lack of athletic skill did the rest.

This is not the first time that this guy's antics have gotten him into trouble. Apparently he was kicked off a recent reality show for crossing the line of what he calls "pranks." I've never heard of the show ("Kill Reality") and you would have to strap me down ala "A Clockwork Orange" style to get me to watch that mindless tripe.

Plain and simple: Fairplay is an idiot. A toothless, broken-toed, busted-jawed idiot and Bonaduce was a hell of a lot nicer than I - or anyone I've talked to - would have been.

But I can understand Johnny trying to save face (no pun intended) by filing the charge against the former Partridge star. My guess is that this whole legal incident will quickly disappear.

Once everyone in Hollywood has a good hearty laugh at the survivor moron, of course.

Perhaps there is a second runner up for the "You'll never work in this town again" award?

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