The Best Reason to Play a Palidin in WOW

"Genkaku," a level 59 Human Palidin and member of "The Gypsy Warriors" guild in the realm of Gorefiend (whatever the hell all THAT means) had this to say about the Paladin characters used in Blizzard entertainment's game, World of Warcraft:
"Ive noticed a lot of complaints about paladins lately, with regard to their low
dps and limited combat options. But what players are forgetting is the main
reason Blizzard programmed paladins. Paladins were not desgined to be
hybrid tanks/healers, as many claim. Instead, paladins were designed to be
played while downloading pornography."

The rest of the post can be found on in this screen capture of a message from some World of Warcraft discussion group. I wish I had the link to the rest of the posts as I am sure there were some interesting disucssions about this.

And if you understand what the hell Genkaku is saying, you really need to step away from the computer more often.

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