Weekend Boxoffice Recap

This weekend's box office was dominated by a bunch of zombies and a Laura Croft look-alike. "Resident Evil: Extinction" cleared $24 mil to take the top spot, while the Dane Cook schlock-fest "Good Luck Chuck" took second. "Bourne Ultimatum" is still hanging in the top 10, while the CGI heavy 'Dragon Wars" dropped 50% from its opening weekend and plummeted into 10th.

There are not a lot of great movies coming out right now and the box office take is less than what they took in last year, however because of a stellar Summer season that saw many records get broken, I dont think the studios are sweating it too much.

Next week we have a few movies opening, including the middle Eastern, guns and explosion flick, "The Kingdom" with Jamie Foxx, "The Game Plan" with the Rock (seriously, can we start calling him Dwane Johnson? That wrestling name is ridiculous) and the Ang Lee softcore "Lust Caution." The studio decided not to contest the MPAA's NC-17 ruling, so we'll see if this rating hurts it at the box office.

Here's the tally from the weekend for the top 10:

1. Resident Evil: Extinction $24,000,000
2 Good Luck Chuck $14,000,000
3 The Brave One $7,425,000
4 3:10 to Yuma $6,350,000
5 Eastern Promises $5,746,768
6 Sydney White $5,323,120
7 Mr. Woodcock $4,975,000
8 Superbad $3,100,000
9 The Bourne Ultimatum $2,792,510
10 Dragon Wars $2,512,594

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