Viacom Screams Copyright Infringement While Violating Someone Else's Copyright

OK so let's see if I can explain this:

Christopher Knight produced a really cheesy commercial as a campaign to get him on the Rockingham School Board.

Here's the spot:

Not long after the spot started running, VH-1 grabbed the clip and included it as part of their show "Web Junk 20" (or 2.0 - We're not really sure). Keep in mind that Chris was never contacted by VH-1 for his permission.

However, Chris thought the show was funny, so he posted the portion of the VH-1 show - showing his clip - on YouTube.

And then, YouTube pulled the clip because... wait for it....

Because Viacom said it violated their copyright.

Crazy? Yup.
A legal headache? You bet.

There is also some question about Chris using Star Wars licensed toys in his video, which could put him in further hot water, but so far Lucasfilms has not said anything.

Read the whole story at Chris' blog.

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