Tiny Laptop That Does Everything

Get your Christmas wish list done early.

Via technologies have unveiled their new contender in the ultra portable device (read: tiny-ass laptop) market. Dubbed the NanoBook, Via's powerhouse weighs less than two pounds, can hold a charge for about four hours and contains a whole slew of features including a full-sized keyboard, built-in wi-fi and bluetooth, a 7 inch touchscreen display, 30gb hard drive (upgradable to 60gb) and can run on Windows Vista or XP. It also offers a cool little USB slot next to the screen that allows for a variety of modules to be popped into place, such as a world time clock, broadband wireless card, VoIP or GPS system. All for around $600.

In short, its a portable bloggers dream come true that packs enough computing power to blow away those uber-trendy folks and their puny, underpowered iPhones. This is what a portable computer should be.

It is safe to say I DEFINITELY want one of these!

We attempted to weasel our way into acquiring one of these babies for a hands-on analysis of the product, but those guys in the PR department were just too smart for the "can we have one?" approach. However they were nice enough to direct us to a video of the NanoBook being used in a typical blogging scenario. I dont know if Kerouac would have approved or appreciated this, but it definitely would have made writing a hell of a lot easier on the road.

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