"Stay Alive" Could really ask you to Stay AWAKE! Renter?

Genres: Suspense/Horror, Thriller and Teen
Running Time: 85 min.
Release Date:
March 24th, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for horror violence, disturbing images, language, brief sexual and drug content.
Hollywood Pictures

U.S. Box Office: $23,078,294

Directed by: William Brent Bell

JJ Rating: C+

Rent or not to Rent: Rent....but with friends so you can laugh at those that get scared and laugh at the movie itself.

This is a new review idea. What is to happen is that if the weekend is slow or if I happen to view a movie that I think I want to write about then I’ll write about it. But these movies are going to be ones I rent (highly unlikely) or one that I happen to catch on one of the movie channels on cable. I will not write about movies that happen to come on a channel with commercials because they have scenes taken out and the commercials ruin the flow of the movie for me. This type of review will be different because I’m going to talk about if it’s worth viewing at home or not. That is totally different than going to the theater type viewing…or so I’d like to think.

A video game intertwines with the players so much that if they die in the game they’ll die in real life. Dun…dun…DONE! Stay Alive.

I happened upon this movie while I was playing on the computer doing something. I was up late and it just started. I remembered hearing about the movie before and started watching it because of that and because I noticed Milo Ventimiglia was in it – Peter from Heroes. I knew what was going to happen to Milo…it’s a horror film what else was to happen?

Personally I don’t like horror films. I find them to be boring and pointless and easy. I can tell what is going to happen from the get go. Who is going to die and who is not going to die and it annoys me.

With that out of the way what was my over all thinking about Stay Alive? It was an interesting concept and I’m sure people who are avid game players—gamers—will most likely like the movie from that aspect. I like games but I’m not a gamer so yeah I didn’t really care to like it from that aspect. I’m a ‘writer’ so I was more interested in how the story was being told. I thought that the idea was great. They could have done so much. But the actual presentation was a let down. It was bland and boring and I was ‘lucky’ enough to have had a good sleep and stayed awake through the entire thing so that I could recant my lovely adventure to y’all (Yes I’m from Texas).

Where there scary moments? There is a scary moment with Swink (Frankie Muniz) when he has to do something to save his life and he can’t quite get it done. That was the only part that I think was totally edge of my seat scared. Everything else was just ew. I wanted to look away but didn’t ew.

The main character was annoying for a moment because I knew him. I’ve seen him before. And where did I see him before? TV. He, Jon Foster, played on Windfall which is now, if I’m not mistaken, canceled. This movie had a whole lot of TV children. Sophia Bush, who plays October, from One Tree Hill and Frankie Muniz, who plays Swink, from Malcolm in the Middle.

Is it worth it? Yeah it’s worth it. I’m sure people who like horror movies will like the horribleness that I dislike will be fine with it. Plus if you like the concept you won’t be totally disappointed because you are home and you get to laugh at it with your friends. So if you feel the need to rent or sit through Stay Alive you’ll enjoy it, for the horribleness will have you either rolling your eyes or laughing---but thanking the Movie Gods for keeping you from spending a fortune to see it when it was actually in the theaters.

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