Snoop Offers Refuge to Winehouse

I love this one. says that Snoop Doggy Dogg has offered his place to drugged out Amy Winehouse as a refuge to recover from her addiction:

Snoop is a massive fan of the star - and credits Winehouse's sophomore album Back To Black with inspiring him to make a complete solo LP of his own.

He says: "I want her to know that if she needs a place to chill for a bit, my hood is her hood.

That's a little like going to Peter O'Toole's place to recover from alcoholism. Or maybe hanging out with Lindsay Lohan to learn how not to be a bimbo. Or perhaps even crashing with Nicole Richie to learn how not to be a professional celebrity hanger-on.

OK, I stretched that analogy a bit far, but you get the point.

And Snoop, it's great that you think it's your hood, but my guess is that those nice fellows hanging out on Crenshaw might think otherwise.

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