“Shoot ‘Em Up” is Short and Oh so Good

Genres: Action/Adventure and Thriller
Running Time:
1 hr. 33 min.
Release Date: September 7th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality and some language.
Distributors: New Line Cinema

Directed by: Michael Davis

JJ Rating: A

A man ends up with a baby he shouldn’t have, drags a lady of the night into it and then is hunted for not giving up the baby as not so politely asked. Shoot ‘Em Up.

It’s a short movie. It’s the shortest, or so it feels, movie I’ve ever seen that is full of so much action. That is interesting to note because I enjoyed watching it a lot. It had everything I like in the movie. It was quick, the characters were witty and funny and the humor itself was dry for the most part. It had an interesting story and a very interesting way of telling it.

Clive Owen had the cool factor to pull off the “I don’t like anything but carrot” thing. I liked the use of the carrot in the movie. I think it’s one of the few movies that have a sidekick that is a vegetable. Owen also has the look of I know what I’m doing. If you had him telling you to do something you’ll go and do it because you believe he knows what he’s talking about.

Paul Giamatti is a calm person in this movie. His character has good reason to be pissed off because of what Owen is doing to him and his men but he keeps the calm, though he does the good job with the acting because there are influxes in his voice that are just enough to dictate irritation but not enough to give full blast of anger.

What is awesome is that both are smart characters and they are both trying to outwit and out gun the other and it makes for an interesting showdown at the end of the movie.

Shoot ‘Em Up is a short movie that has action that is very over-the-top. It’s the type of action that looks freakin’ cool but in the back of your mind it is screaming that what you’re seeing is just not possible. But even though it’s not possible it’s still very awesomely done that it doesn’t matter if it is or is not possible.

There are awesome scenes such as the plane scene. Then there is the staircase scene. Then there is the spanking distracting scene. Then there is the sex scene. Now I hate sex scenes because they are mostly just people having sex. It normally has NOTHING to do with the movie and therefore a total waste of filming that could have been cut and replaced with more story. But in Shoot ‘Em Up the sex scene is more than just sex. It starts off like it’s just about sex but ends up being one of the most inventive ways of doing two things at one time---literally.

Shoot ‘Em Up is a buyer for me. I think that people who like shoot ‘em ups (har har) will like this movie and those that like dry wit will like also. It is a short one but it surely pays off more than some of those long boring movies that are out there now. So in closing Shoot ‘Em Up is a good shoot ‘em up movie.

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