Pluto Chases After Kid at Disneyland

Pop quiz. This video shows:

A. A cute scene of a beloved Disney character playfully chasing a patron around on Main Street.

B. A pissed off underpaid "cast member" wearing a rug in the shape of a dog trying to enact some revenge on some brat.

C. A lawsuit just begging to be filed.

I happen to know a thing or two about "costumed characters" and know the kind of abuse these unsung and un-seen heros of the working class can endure. From kids pulling on your tail to bigger kids hitting you in the head because they think its fun (not realizing that the fiberglass and fake fur covered head is strapped to a real human's head on the inside), the life of a costume character is not a very glamourous job, but in the eyes of Disney, its one of the most important interactions the company can have between its brand and the consumer.

The video naturally doesnt show anything other than Pluto's reaction to something. It looks like the cast member inside the costume was clearly bothered enough to go tearing after the little darling for some reason. It also looks like the cast member is an expert in the game of soccer, for only that sport can teach you that even the most minor of physical contact can warrant a melodramatic exaggeration resembling getting hit by a Peterbuilt truck.

And where was Pluto's handler? This person is supposed to be the second set of eyes for the guy in the suit. It is precisely their job to make sure that the safety of the cast member inside is not jeopardized by some yahoo with a low grip on reality.

We're sure that the employee got disciplined for this un-Disney-like behavior. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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