Nicholas Cage as Magnum P.I.?

IGN is reporting that Nick Cage is considering the idea of playing the main character in the adaptation of the 80's TV show Magnum P.I, originally made famous by Tom Selleck

Apparently the casting for this film fell apart over a year ago when Ricky Gervais backed out of the idea of playing Magnum's snooty British sidekick "Higgins" when George Clooney was considered for the part.

Once again, Hollywood continues to show that it's run out of ideas for anything new. C'mon guys...Magnum P.I.? Unless you play this off as a campy comedy, no one is going to take this seriously. Sure it will be great to show lots of beauty shots of flashy sports cars zipping around the curved roads of Hawaii, but I think audiences have grown out of the idea of one-man-band cop shows. Maybe I'm wrong.

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