New Pic from Sex and The City Set has posted a pic of the four characters together in the currently-in-production Sex and the City movie.

I was a big fan of the HBO series. I watched every episode and borrowed DVDs from friends to catch the early seasons that I missed. It was well written and had a comedic value that worked well for its time.

But I'm over it.

One look at the photo above tells me everything you need to know about the characters:

The upper crust Connecticut homecoming queen.
The romantically flawed fashion slave.
The cynical every-woman.
The cougar.

The story is supposed to take place four years after we last saw them and yet from the picture above it looks like literally nothing has changed. They are all stereotypes of themselves to the point that they seem like characatures: far too contrived, far to predictable, far too much of the same old storyline I watched come to a logical and appropriate end in 2004.
And add to this the fact that there has been some off-camera cat fighting between the characters that started during the final days of the '04 season. MSNBC reported that this animosity apparently still exists:
Kim and SJP reportedly fell out over pay inequity during the show’s final 2004
season. It seems that as producer and star, SJP raked in considerably more than
Kim on the HBO hit series. Allegedly, that’s also the reason Kim took so long to
agree to appease hardcore “Sex” fans and sign on to the film.

Perhaps the producers will have a few tricks up their sleeves that can help suspend disbelief and make this movie something that can stand out from the series, rather than just being a special 90 minute episode.

But I'm personally not holding my breath.

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