Mysterious Deaths Not So Mysterious

OK, this is what I get for not fact-checking enough before hiting the "publish" button.

Those six airmen that died mysteriously around the B-52 Nuke transport news from last week? Turns out the website originally reporting it may have had ulterior motives.

Here is some additional information from Unknown News:

The first thing that caught my attention about this non-news was that the
website, Citizens for Legitimate Government, doesn't name the dead airmen. To me
that suggests a lack of attention to detail, so I followed the website's six
news links in order, and the names are:

• Todd Blue (whose death we reported last week),
• an as-yet un-named married couple who worked at Barksdale
Air Base, not Minot (so the website's claim that "All six people listed below
are from Minot Airforce base" is false),
• Todd Blue again (a second article about the same airman's death),
• Adam Barrs, who, the article states, died in early July -- almost two months before the late-August nuclear flight,
• Weston Kissel, who died in late July, and thus would also seem to have diddly to do with the flight in question,
• John Frueh, who'd been missing since late August -- but the article makes no mention of Minot or Barksdale Air Bases. It says he's from Florida.

So that article from Citizens for Legitimate Government is, basically, a
fat load of hooey. And it took me three minutes to figure that out... and
another twenty minutes to type it all up and explain it to you. If I sound
grumpy, sorry. No wait, I'm not sorry at all.
OK, I get the point. Thanks for rubbing my nose in it.

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