Monsters and Aliens for Easter. Yummy

Dreamworks has moved its tentpole film "Monsters vsAliens" out of its original release date of May 2009 so that it wont interfere with James Cameron's epic "Avatar" opening the same weekend.

A tentpole is a film that is designed to carry the studio through a busy season and is the marketing departments primary focus of attention. The tentpole also helps support the release of the studio's lesser marketed, (read: shitty) other films.

According to Variety, this is the first time in Dreamwork's history that they have scheduled a tentpole flick to the Spring instead of the Summer.

How this will affect Disney's bottom line seems marginal, but if they dont have anything big to sucker people into the seats with over the Summer 09 season, they might be screwed at the end of the quarter and coming up with lots of excuses for the shareholders.

Of course, this is so far in the future that no one except the studios really give a damn, but its interesting, nonetheless.

It also shows that Dreamworks seems scared of Cameron's monolithic film. Is it really going to be the groundbreaking movie of the Summer 09 season? Too early to tell, but the hype surrounding this is continuing to build and its not even in post production yet. It sounds promising.

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