MIT Student Arrested for "Fake Bomb" at Airport

Pretty sensational sounding headline, right? It sounds like some college student was trying to be funny and showed up at Boston's Logan airport with a fake bomb. Throw the book at her for questioning the alleged security of our airlines! How dare she taunt the Transportation Security Adminstration arm of the Department of Homeland Security under the Bush regime!

Actually, it wasnt a "fake bomb." It was a light-up shirt: A hoodie sweatshirt that had LED's wired into a circuit board that illuminated letters on her shirt. That's it.

Boston PD are calling it an "improvised electronic device" which I guess technically is correct.

But Boing Boing explains some of the details that most of the news conveniently overlooked:

Looks like the "improvised electronic device" consisted of a circuit board
and a common battery that caused her sweatshirt, which had painted writing on
it, to light up. Authorities referred to the paint as "putty."

The hoodie reads "Socket To Me / COURSE VI." A BB commenter familiar with MIT stuff says, "Course VI means she majors in Electrical Engineering / Computer

Here's a picture of the "device" in question:

From the Boston Globe article about her:

Prosecutor Wayne Margolis had requested $5,000 bail, saying Simpson showed
"a total disregard to understand the context of the situation she is in,
which is an airport of post-9/11."

Dont even THINK about making any kind of joke in an airport, kids. Especially around Boston, who is still recovering from that "Auqu Teen Hunger Force" sign they spent good taxpayer money to blow up.


d said...

It makes me think this country has gone insane! This thing is like a homemade bike light. It is in the shape of a star (hmm...her name is also Star.)

Would a person be arrested for bringing a flashlight to the airport?

Doesn't a laptop computer look more like a bomb than that thing?

I am seriously concerned about our law enforcement officers. It seems a terrorist with any sense would hide the explosive device or at least make a demand and state that he/she had an explosive device.

This thing was in plain view and its most explosive part is a 9 volt battery.

It is near beyond belief that the newspapers call it a fake bomb and the police say they would have killed the girl if she did not comply with their instructions.

Why was she charged with anything?

The Judge said...

This was done in the city where they blew up a light-brite because they thought it was a bomb.

And it was done in front of the same people that took nail clippers away from people because they considered it a deadly weapon.

Do you really think some underpaid, overworked, bored out of his mind TSA agent is just going to let someone stroll into an airport with a hunk of clay and a bunch of wires strapped to her sweatshirt?

This chick knew what she was doing. She straps a hunk of play dough on her chest, then jams a bunch of wires, lights and a battery into it and walks into an airport. Poof, instant publicity and a potential lawsuit that will probably get thrown out of court, but will be good for keeping this ditz in the public light for a little longer.

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