MGM to start HD Movie Channel on Directv

MGM Studios announced today that it will launch "MGM HD" which will be a high-definition movie channel, showing films such as West Side Story, The Black Stallion, Hotel Rwanda and RoboCop.

According to the press release, MGM has a library of more than 4,100 films, winning a total of 209 Academy Awards.

"By converting MGM's sizable library to High Definition, we've developed a sustainable business model for an MGM HD Channel in the U.S.," said MGM chairman Harry Sloan.

MGM says it will also be providing original proigramming in high-def, including "Red Carpet" shows from awards programs and sneak previews of upcoming movies.

DIRECTV announced that it will be the first service to add the channel to its expansion of high def channels this fall, but they have not announced an official launch date. DIRECTV is in the process of converting its entire system to MPEG4, which will give them a great deal more bandwidth to play with.

This bandwidth, apparently has already been allocated, as DTV has plans to roll out 100 new HD channels by the end of the year.

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