Its Emmy Weekend! Everyone Yawn.

This Sunday is the Emmy awards at the Shrine.

Will the Sopranos go out with a bang, taking a bunch of trophys in its wake? Will millions of people be tuning in to see the hotly debated "Diva Race" with Ugly Betty's' America Ferrera competing against Felicity Huffman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Will Ryan Seacrest be as annoying as we all know he can be?

Will anyone even care?

There was a rumor early on that Britney was going to do another stellar performance of stumbling around the stage and generally looking like a tree sloth in a bikini, but apparently the official word from the Birtney camp is that she will not be there. Too bad, it would have been fun to watch more of this trainwreck on national TV. And it would have probably helped boost the emmy show in the Sunday night ratings.

Does anyone even care anymore about awards shows any more? Back in the day, a thing like an Emmy or Oscar were the pinnacle of your acting or technical career. They were also ways to attract attention to the film or show and draw in more of an audience. Nowadays it's more of a marketing tactic the studios use to negotiate their next project or to sell to advertisers. It has little to do with popular interest.

And I think for the most part people understand this fact. No one really cares who wins the emmy other than the crew and actors that might get one. Even then, its just a nice thing to stick on a mantle and bullet point on the resume. For the people watching at home, it might mean a show they like gets a nod at another season. Other than that, there really isnt much to care about.

So will you tune in? My guess is that it wont make much of a dent in the Nielsens. We'll see when the numbers are posted Monday.

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