HBO to air Second Life Documentary

Variety reports that HBO has purchased a documentary shot and produced entirely in the virtual world of Second Life and plans to air the doc on the network in the Spring:

Animated pic "My Second Life: The Video Diaries of Molotov Alva" follows Alva,
the avatar of director Douglas Gayeton, as he searches for the creator of Second
Life and encounters a series of colorful Second Life personas in the process.

The article makes it sound like its some kind of groundbreaking endavour, but honestly it sounds more like a documentary on Second Life. If you have not been in Second Life, its basically a virtual world where you can walk around and look at things and interact with people much like real life, except without actually having to get up off your ass and do it in person. Its a virtual world. Its become so big that several real-world companies have now set up shop inside this reality and regularly hold meetings and conduct business entirely in the virtual environment.

But if you are a geek, you probably already knew all that, so basically the HBO doc will show the rest of the world what Second Life is all about, thereby flooding the virtual space with thousands of new people whom you can easily spot as the ones walking into walls and asking a lot of questions.

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