Guitar Hero for the PC and Mac

Cinemablend has news that Aspyr Media - makers of the heroin-like addictive game "Guitar Hero" will finally be moving from the console and into the home computer niche.

"PC and Mac gamers can now shred as hard as their console counterparts do,
and it's a great opportunity to help promote musicianship and expand the growing
number of Guitar Hero fans worldwide," said Ted Staloch, Executive VP,
Publishing for Aspyr.

Hold on: "Musicianship?" I dont know about that. Unless you consider how skilled you might be at hitting that difficult fingering of green, orange, blue, red, orange, comparing this game to any real musical skill is like comparing Gran Turismo with driving a real Formula 1 at Le Mans. Still, it will be nice to see people shredding it up with their toy guitar plugged into their laptop while they sip lattes at Starbucks.

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