Get ready for Halo TV

Microsoft is working overtime to ensure that the launch of Halo 3 is as big and as hype-filled as possible, including taking over not one, but three different TV channels and turning them into Halo-fueled informercials for their latest game.

According to Variety, in addition to spending more than $10 million in TV advertising, Microsoft will also be taking over Spike TV, Sci Fi Channel and Comedy Central and turning them into "Halo Nights" in the three days leading up to the big launch next Tuesday. They will also be providing original programming that will help draw gamers and other consumers into the world of Master Cheif and the X-box 360 system:

Comedy Central kicks off the effort Saturday with "Fully Loaded," a series
of two-minute interstitials hosted by "Mad TV" cast member Bobby Lee and airing
throughout the night on the cabler.

Get ready for a major media blitz as we get closer to next Tuesday. Chances are you wont be able to go through an entire day without seeing at least one shot of "Master Chief" and his gold visor gleaming back at you.

And yet, they still cant get a film out with the franchise.


Nick Mundy said...

Speaking of "Halo Nights"...

Check this out

The Judge said...

That was actually pretty funny. I'm going to post it to the main page.


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