Disney Mobile to Shut Down By End of Year.

Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

"Walt Disney Co said on Thursday it would stop operating its U.S.-based mobile phone service at the end of the year to reassess how it competes in a tough market for high-end cell phone services."

In other news, Disney has a mobile phone service??

Apparently Disney has been running the business by renting space on the Sprint Nextel network. The big benefit for being a Disney Mobile customer was that the service would display your child's phone on a map and parents could keep track of its use. Kind of a big brother aproach to keeping track of your kids, but apparently a big selling point for parrents.

The big D said it would keep its mobile website up for customers till Dec 31, at which point it will pull the plug entirely. They are also offering a refund for newly-subscribed customers.

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