“Death at a Funeral” it is OK to LAUGH!

Genres: Comedy
Running Time:
1 hr. 30 min.
Release Date: August 17th, 2007 (limited)
MPAA Rating: R for language and drug content.
MGM Distribution Company

Directed by: Frank Oz

JJ Rating: A+

A funeral is supposed to be a day of mourning. It is not that way for a family mourning a death of their father and husband. Things start going wrong the moment the son states that the body in the casket is not his father. From then on nothing goes right and nothing is left unsaid in Death at a Funeral.

I was supposed to have seen this movie two weeks ago with friends. But their cable crap got in the way and then the weekend after it not everyone was able to go. So I was eager to see it. It was well worth the wait. I laughed out loud the entire time without shame. It is my kind of humor: dark.

Funerals are places to cry and be upset over the death of someone. In this case it was a father/husband who had died. He was a loved one. Where is the humor in that? What’s funny about people mourning? Well that’s why characters are important….characters who have issues. You have a father/uncle who dislikes his daughter’s choice in boyfriend. The boyfriend is afraid of the father and has a bit of a panic attack. Daughter decided to give him pills from her brother’s flat. There is an affect that only enhances the humor on the way to the funeral and at the funeral itself. There’s Daniel (Matthew MacFadyen) who is brothers with Robert (Rupert Graves). Daniel is the one that is giving the eulogy and everyone kept asking why Robert wasn’t he’s the writer. Then someone has news about their father and they try to keep it quiet.

Alan Tudyk plays Simon who is the boyfriend who accidentally takes drugs. He is the show stealer, upstager, whatever you want to call him…he is the funniest person in the entire movie. He does a fantastic job of making me laugh and making a funeral into a circus of family freaks.

There is something interesting at the beginning of the movie and it’s called credits. While the credits were being played along with music there was a map. The map showed the town where the funeral is to be held with a symbol driving around on the road. They symbol is that of a casket and so the humor of the story began with that and that part is pretty funny in its own subtly.

It is like a domino affect. One bad thing happens then the more bad things happen and continue to happen until all that could happen has already happened. In this case it’s good to have that happen because that means the humor continues to roll on until the very end. There’s hardly any good that really happens in the movie until moments before the ending.

It only took 7 weeks to film this movie. SEVEN. That’s a short amount of time. That’s a little over a month. That makes Death at a Funeral genius! This is the first movie this entire year, and a long while, that has had me laugh so much. I really just laughed out loud to the point that I laughed this movie into my top favorites. It’s up there as one of my favorite comedies with Clue. I see myself buying this movie and watching it periodically and still laughing out loud as I did this time.

Death at a Funeral is not for the faint of heart. It is not for people who feel there is no humor in a funeral. It is not for people that find dark humor ewish and the British hard to understand. It is a movie for those that want to laugh and have a good time and understand that dark humor is the FREAKIN’ best humor of all. If you do see Death at a Funeral remember it’s okay to LAUGH----even if it is out loud.

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