Coming Soon: Coke in a Self-chilling Can?

Endgadget is reporting that Coca Cola is working on a new technology that will enable them to put their products in special containers that chills itself when opened. The first guinnea pig will be Sprite and requires a bit of cryogenic magic to accomplish:

Apparently, the drink has to be kept at a specified temperature before being
snapped up, and once the oh-so-thirsty consumer pops the top, "a mechanism
inside creates ice made from the drink, so it is not diluted."

Supercooling soda? Sounds like a waste of energy, but hey, anything to have my overly-sweetned, lemon lime sugar water just a little colder, right?

If Coke can get this technology working, imagine how great it will be when they can do it with beer. Now that would be popular.


daniel said...

Someone just posted a poll about this new "technology" on Click my name for the link.

Rob Scott said...

It would be great to do it with beer. U have no idea how many times I've gone drinking somewhere with friends without a cooler box and had to down that last warm beer.

I say we get a petition going to get the beer companies moving. Who buys a soda and only drinks it later or who buys six sodas to drink in one sitting?

The Judge said...

Beer is already expensive enough, with the "special-lined cans" and color changing labels and whatnot.

It sounds stupid. They have to basically deep freeze the thing to sub zero temperature, then when its opened it frosts up. Otherwise its just another warm beer.

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