Britney Charged with Hit and Run

AP is reporting that Britney has been charged with misdemeanor counts of hit and run and driving without a valid license after she allegedly smashed her car into another in a parking lot in August.

OK, maybe "smash" is the wrong word. More like "bumped" or perhaps "dinged."

Britney the braniac was pulling into a parking space (with trendy yap dog in her lap, of course) and couldn't quite make the turn. She bumped the left front corner of her car into the car in the space next to her. She gets out, looks at the damage on her car and then walks into the building.

That's it.

TMZ, of course, has the entire accident, along with shots of the throngs of paparazzi that were on hand to document her every step from the car to the building, just waiting for another magic moment that they can sell to the tabloids.

If convicted, Britney could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count, said Nick Velasquez, spokesman for the city attorney's office. Of course, we all know she wont see one minute of time behind bars. She'll get a slap on the wrist just like all the other celebs out there and that will be that.

But in the meantime, here's one more thing to keep her in the news. And news about Britney being an idiot sells better than news about how the US economy is nose-diving into the shitter. So enjoy.

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