Birkhead in it for the Money

Gone Hollywood's headline says it all: Larry Birkhead Sounds Like An Asshole

One of Birkhead's former bodyguards retells his story about Larry's media-manipulation:

“Larry and I went to Nassau for over a week in January of this year. One
day he said he wanted to go to Daniel’s grave, ostensibly to pay tribute to him
on his birthday. But it turned out he had another idea. He said, ‘We’re going to
meet two guys from Splash.’

“They had arranged to wait in some bushes at the cemetery. They took
pictures of Larry pretending to be sad and emotional at the grave site. Only the
Splash guys weren’t quite satisfied, so they asked him to do it again, and for
me to get out of the picture. We did three takes. That was the first sign to me
that Larry was in it for the money.”

Is there anyone surprised by this? It seems like everything surrounding Anna Nicole Smith seems to revolve around money. From her marrying a filthy rich old coot, (but it was true love. Honest) to the battle going on over Birkhead and Anna's lawyer Howard Stern about their "alleged" sexual romps together. It just keeps getting weirder and weider.

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